Ditects DOVA BGM in the video

Enter the video URL and click on "Search BGM".

Search for music material from YouTube videos

Enter the URL of the YouTube video and click "Search BGM" at the bottom. * This function is under test operation. Specifications are subject to change or termination without prior notice.

After entering the URL of the YouTube video in the form below, click on "Search BGM".
If BGM currently available on this site is detected in a video, it will be displayed as a list (up to 20 songs).

The database is updated approximately once a week, based on YouTube's detection system.
  1. BGM not detected by the YouTube system will not be displayed in the search results.
  2. The accuracy of detection and matching depends on the YouTube system.
  3. Videos have not been published for a short period of time will not be reflected in the database.
  4. BGM used in videos whose publication has been suspended will not be reflected in search results.
  5. YouTube Shorts videos are not included in the search. (Regular videos tagged with "#shorts" are included.)
Search Target Video URL

Search for BGM from YouTube videos at the URL

Click "Search BGM" to start searching for BGM used in the video at the target URL.

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