Composer & SE producer search tag list

List and description of search tags.

List of search tags and their descriptions

Click each of the following search tags and conditions to extract only the corresponding composer or SE producer.
Please use the Advanced Search to search by a combination of tags and criteria.
*Settings are stored in Cookies. Please turn on Cookies in your browser.
UI Language / UI言語 Sets the language of the user interface.
* Even if English is set, Japanese will be displayed if there is no English version in the information registered by the composer (title, comments, etc.).
Sort order The order in which search results are listed is determined. The more recent the registration date (date of first sound source release), the earlier the sound source will be listed in the order of registration date.
*If not specified, the order will be based on the number of the previous month's onaired materials.
Creator type Filters by type of composer and SE producer.
*If not specified, all composers and SE producers will be displayed.
Number of sound sources released Filter by the number of sound sources available on this site. This is recommended for works that use a series or a large number of sound sources and for which you want to have sound sources from the same composer or sound effect creator.
Individual use conditions In addition to the sound source license for using the sound sources on this site, the composer or sound effect producer may have additional conditions of use. Filter for the presence or absence of usage conditions.
*Please use the sound sources on this site in accordance with the sound source license and the terms and conditions of use of the composer or sound effect creator.

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