Sound Effect search tag list

List and description of search tags.

List of search tags and their descriptions

Click each of the following search tags and conditions to extract only the corresponding composer or SE producer.
Please use the Advanced Search to search by a combination of tags and criteria.
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UI Language / UI言語 Sets the language of the user interface.
* Even if English is set, Japanese will be displayed if there is no English version in the information registered by the composer (title, comments, etc.).
Sort order The order in which search results are listed is determined. The more recent the registration date (date of first sound source release), the earlier the sound source will be listed in the order of registration date.
*If not specified, the order will be new arrivals first.
Possible uses This categorizes the uses that the producer envisions for the sound effects in the creation of the sound effects.
*This is the assumption of the creator for the purpose of reference for the search, and does not restrict its use.
Motif The classification is based on whether the sound effects represent real subjects, motifs, events, etc., or whether they are fictitious sounds imagined by the creator.
e.g.) Driving sound of a car > Existence / Driving sound of a future flying car > Fictitious
Original source These are the materials on which the sound effects are based. Sound effects based on live recordings tend to be realistic, while those based on synthesizers (with the exception of electronic sounds, etc.) are mainly deformed or fictional sounds suitable for animation and games.
*Sound effects created by compositing multiple bases are classified as elemental materials with strong base characteristics.
Search Tags Keywords, images, and situations for sound effects are pre-linked as tags for search.
*When compounding with the advanced search function, an AND search is performed. Example: Search setting "person's behavior onomatopoeia">> A sound source tagged with both "person's behavior" and "onomatopoeia" is a hit.
Scenes, sounds of daily life Tools & Equipment Location / Nature Animals & Insects Systems, Games, Electronic sounds Onomatopoeia (onomatopoeia and mimetic words)

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