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Please read the following before using this site.

To begin.

Thank you very much for visiting FREE BGM DOVA-SYNDROME.
The following is an overview of this site and its purpose of operation.Please read and
understand the following before using this site and its music and sound effects.


  1. This is a music site run as a hobby by an amateur musician whose main business is web production.
  2. In March 2024, the site will have been open for 16 years.
  3. Since March 2013, we have also started to introduce sound sources from composers who are active in various fields.
  4. Updates are irregular. Please be forewarned. Updates infomation » DOVA-SYNDROME official Twitter
  5. Please read the separate "terms of use" before using this site.
  6. Please be sure to read the separate "license" before using the sound material.
  7. If you find any unpleasant expressions or mistakes in the site, please let us know using mail form.
  8. This site is operated by revenue from sponsored advertisements.
  9. All advertising revenue from the listening and profile pages is returned to the composer.

Operating objectives

  1. Support for raising the profile of participating composers and monetizing their musical activities.
  2. Experiments on media site operations (customer attraction, advertising, etc.).
  3. Production and operation experiments of various scripts (PHP, JavaScript, etc.).
  4. Release of music produced as an administrator's personal hobby.
Contact us
  1. To contact the administrator, please use mail form.
  2. Please read "License", "Agreement", "FAQ" before contacting us.

Contacting composers

  1. You can contact the composer of each BGM from the profile page of each composer.
  2. Please note that replying to and accepting e-mails is at the discretion of the respective composers and creators. Please be aware of this.
  3. The report of the use of sound sources has given dreams, courage, and hope to the composers and producers.

If you can introduce DOVA-SYNDROME

  1. When using BGM and SE, it is not necessary to set up a link, indicate the copyright, or introduce it.
  2. If you would like to introduce your work, please refer to the following and edit it to fit your media and environment.
Browsing Environment
  1. The operation of the site has been checked with Chrome, and other common PC browsers. Old versions are excluded.
  2. HTML5, and JavaScript are used in the player.
  3. JavaScript and Cookies are required for BGM search and download.

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