BGM & Jingle search tag list

List and description of search tags.

List of search tags and their descriptions

Click each of the following search tags and conditions to extract only the corresponding composer or SE producer.
Please use the Advanced Search to search by a combination of tags and criteria.
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UI Language / UI言語 Sets the language of the user interface.
* Even if English is set, Japanese will be displayed if there is no English version in the information registered by the composer (title, comments, etc.).
Sort order The order in which search results are listed is determined. The more recent the registration date (date of first sound source release), the earlier the sound source will be listed in the order of registration date.
*If not specified, the order will be new arrivals first.
Material Type BGM is a sound source with a relatively long Playback time for various background music applications, and can be used for looping (see below). Jingles (eye catchers, sound logos, etc.) are intended to have an end and be used to accentuate a scene.
Playback Time This is the playback time of the sound source. Silence before and after the start and end of the sound is also included. If multiple tracks are set for one sound source, the playback time displayed in the BGM list is the shortest one and is indicated as "XX:XX~".
Loopability There is no silence before or after the start or end of the sound source, and the sound is processed in such a way that there are no song breaks when the sound is played continuously. It is suitable for applications where playback time is not fixed, such as games.
High quality files(WAV) available for sale Compared to free (mp3), WAV is an uncompressed file format with high sound quality and less noticeable unnatural joints that occur when looped sound sources are repeated.
Search tags Keywords, images, tunes, and instruments used that are appropriate for the music are pre-linked as tags for search.
*When compounding with the advanced search function, an AND search is performed. Example: Search setting "bright comedy" >> hits for sound sources tagged with both "bright" and "comedy".

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