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gooset Registration:2020.09.28

  • Birth date:????.??.??
  • Blood type:O
  • Gender:♂
  • Areas:茨城県
  • Number of released:Last Month 1(BGM 1 + SE 0)/ Total 21(BGM 21 + SE 0)
  • Condition:Site Compliance
  • E-mail:Accepting


Nice to meet you! My name is gooset. I like old-fashioned techno pop, ambient, fusion and rock. The songwriting is basically done with a simple feeling of developing MIDI phrases while looping them. Since I have band experience, I want to give it a lively live feeling, but I'm doing my best as far as I can.
I hope that it will be of some help to you.
Thank you very much.

* It is not essential, but it is fine when you feel like it, so if you can tell me your impressions or the video content you used, it will be an encouragement for future production. (Please click below icon twitter:@gooset9 or E-mail)
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